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Post by Lessa on Sat Feb 04, 2017 9:47 pm

Leo sighed as he ran his hand through his long blonde hair and he looked at the white door in front of him. He had never thought he would be here in this position. In a bed on the other side of the door laying in a bed was the one person that made his world go round, the one person that meant the most to him. This was never supposed to happen, she was never supposed to get hurt. He had done so much to keep her safe, he wanted only the best for her and this was not it.

Knowing he couldn't wait any longer Leo stepped quietly into the room and the breath left his lungs. In the bed, Rowan laid among various machines that worked to keep her alive. Her face and left side were covered in small cuts from glass and there was a larger cut over her eyebrow from what he could guess was the steering wheel. Various other larger cuts had been wrapped and while her chest was covered with the blanket Leo could tell the cuts continued down her side.

"I'm so sorry," Leo whispered quietly as he rushed to her side and softly set a hand on her uninjured hand. "When I asked you to come visit I hadn't wanted this, this wasn't what I meant."

There was no response, not that he was expecting one. On the bed, Rowan continued to sleep. Her soft brown hair fanned out over the pillow and her brilliant hazel eyes remained hidden. She laid there oblivious of what was going on in the world around her and much to Leo's hope she was also free of the pain that surely came with those injuries.

Through the night Leo stayed by her side. HE spoke quietly with her and asked her, again and again, to awaken and come back to him but when morning came there was no difference in Rowan. His phone though was alight with calls and messages from their friends trying to learn about what had happened and if Rowan would be okay. Leo couldn't say until later that morning when he was pulled aside by a doctor.

"I understand that you are very close with miss Rowan, that's good. She will need your support now more than ever. It seems that following the accident she has slipped into a coma. We cannot say how long it will last or if she will be the same when she comes back but there is only one way to know. We must wait for her to wake up," The doctor explained carefully.

"Is there anything I can do to help her in that time?" Leo asked desperately, he longed to see her alive once again.

"It's believed that even though a person is in a coma that they can still hear. That being said my greatest advice for you is to go to her side and speak to her, your voice might help her find her way out," The doctor suggested carefully.

"I can do that thank you," Leo gave the doctor a nod before returning to Rowan's room to notify the others. As he sat there his mind churned as the reality of what was going on hit him. For what seemed like hours he sat there staring at her hand, the one he had been planning on putting a ring on, and dwelled in his own misery. Not knowing what else to do Leo started softly speaking, creating a story for just her ears....

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