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Loss of Hope  Empty Loss of Hope

Post by Lessa on Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:20 pm

Cold rain pelted the window of the quiet hospital room nearly drowning out the steady sounds of the monitors. A sound that had long since faded in the ears of the occupants. Cold gray light poured through the open blinds barely illuminating the dark room and the two people within.

On the bed and young brunette slept in a heavily monitored slumber. Wires ran from her to the machines that worked around the clock to keep her alive. There was little left to show the soul that had been the life of this she'll, little more than a name - Rowan.

Beside the bed a young man stirred at the new sound. His blonde hair a mess from his short slumber. His emerald eyes looked over at the young lady searching for any changes before gazing out the window at the rain. It's been almost three months now since his beloved Rowan had first come here, since she had fallen into her eternal slumber.

Leo had never known that day that he had sentenced his girlfriend to this darkness with one little phone call. He had it all planned, it was going to be perfect but no one could have counted on that drunk driver. She was so innocent, so sweet and perfect. These sorts of things shouldn't happen to people like her. Every day he sat here he payed that he was in that bed, that he was the one suffering not her but it was too late now.

Every day since she slipped away Leo sat here and told Rowan stories with the hopes of helping her wake. He told her tales of their friends with the hopes that the familiar names and faces would help her but today he remained silent. He pulled out a small pad of paper and for the first time in months he found himself writing music.

The notes seemed to fall onto the papers like the rain fell to the ground outside. Some notes were lighter others heavy flowing over the page like water. Tears slowly found their way beside the notes and Leo blinked in confusion, when had he started to cry? As he pondered the answer thunder boomed outside the building like the drums joining in the crescendo of the song. A deep rolling sound that made Leo look up in time to spot a streak of lightning arch from the clouds striking the ground violently. The following peal of thunder was a sound echoed by Leo's own heart, it was the sound of something being shattered. The sound of something so strong breaking into a thousand pieces, shattering like glass.

As he sat there looking out the window Leo was consumed with an overwhelming wave of defeat. His body shook with the knowledge that he may never again see those beautiful hazel eyes or hear her musical laughter. Sitting there he was alone, alone in a way that few would ever know. He could only liken it to the feelings of Edmond Dantes prior to him meeting the priest in the Chateau D'If. He could imagine that the brokenness he had was similar as well. Leo knew that no man should ever have to feel this way and found himself wondering what he had done to deserve this punishment, this torture.

Not knowing another way to express his feelings he tore the top page from the note pad and began writing again. Within an hour he had a song ready to be played by a whole orchestra. A piece dark and moving that was perfectly described in the three simple words that made up the title - Loss of Hope.

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