The Detective and The Ghost

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The Detective and The Ghost Empty The Detective and The Ghost

Post by Lessa on Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:55 pm

A young blonde woman sat across the desk from the detective and watched him closely as he worked on his latest case. Her blue eyes followed his every movement but he never noticed. The detective never looked up at the woman but she never said a word. She knew that he wouldn’t hear her, he would never look up and see her or even acknowledge her presence. She was, in fact, already dead. It was not new news to the young lady, in fact, it was something ever present in her mind. She could still remember how she died and she knew that only one other person in the entire world knew the truth about what had happened to her. It was because of this knowledge that she had taken to watching the detectives as they worked on various cold cases. It comforted her to know that someone out there was trying to solve cases like hers. Cases where someone took the life of another and has never been brought to justice.

When she first entered this world as little more than a shadow in the dark Lessa spoke with other like her. Others who had their lives taken so quickly. She found that they all seemed mad at the police for not solving their cases or mad at the living for not finding them or avenging them. It was something that Lessa found as odd, she knew it was so hard for the living to understand what the dead had gone through. To her, it was obvious what had happened to her but she knew it wouldn’t be so easy for the living to see that. Hoping she could help the living see Lessa headed for the police station. That was where she met him, Detective Serith Silverlin.

Detective Silverlin was only 26 years old yet already one of the best on the force. His sharp wit and determination were covered by shaggy dishwater blonde hair and shining green eyes. Lessa watched as he poured countless hours into cases but hot and cold. It was amazing to her, the care he took in everything he did. She could tell he took every case personally like it was his own family that had been killed. She had seen so many cases pass across his desk and be solved in little time. It was truly amazing to Lessa. The more time she spent watching this detective the more she found herself falling for him, something made worse by the knowledge that he would never see her or likely even know who she was. She had little hope that her case would ever pass across his desk, she knew her killer had been very careful. With it now having been ten years since her death Lessa knew that with every day that passed the chances that her body would be found dwindled and with it the hope that her killer would be brought to justice.

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